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About Us

There are other places to source your Wagyu beef on the internet (Crowd Cow or Snake River Farms to name just two).  However, we believe (and believe you will agree), that there is no other option once you have tried our meat.  Why you ask?  We offer consistency!  Being small allows us to know our cattle watching them day after day and understanding how they are doing and how they are progressing.  We watch them so carefully that one would think they are our own children and in some respects they are.  Everything we do as ranchers is focused on providing the best product we can for you to enjoy.  Yes, we may run out of certain cuts of meat from time to time due to demand but we remain committed to remain small ranchers with small wagyu herds simply so we do not lose track of the quality that you as a customer deserve.

As an alliance we are setting the new standard when it comes to the quality you will find in our beef.  We know that a quality finished product begins with high quality genetics.  We at Pacific Wagyu Alliance DNA test all of our cattle to ensure they come from the best Wagyu stock as well as the best Angus stock should you be buying one of our cross breed projects (commonly referred to in the marketplace as F1 (50%) or F2 (75%)).  All our cattle come from the highest quality of breeding stock and most often both parents are registered with their breed association as to ensure they are not just another “mutt” cow bred with some weak non-registered semen from a “Wagyu” bull.  You are paying good money and deserve the highest quality we can deliver.  We even share with you the DNA data for the meat you buy, if requested.  This is just one way in which we can stand behind our pledge to give you the best.

Pacific Wagyu Alliance is a small group of ranchers who believe in bringing high quality, nutritional, naturally grown wagyu beef to the marketplace at a price that is reasonable.  We have banned together because we know that smaller ranches are better for quality, but alone we cannot produce the quantity desired by the market.  So, whether you enjoy your Wagyu beef in the comfort of your own home or at your favorite restaurant, we want you to know your meat was raised in a humane, stress less environment eating local grasses, drinking local water with no "finishing grain" and no growth hormones.  As such, our team of ranchers all take a pledge to create the highest quality consistent product that we can so that you can enjoy it again and again.

Bon Appetit our friends, Bon Appetit